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Request pdf on researchgate | exploring the dimensions of attrition in indian bpos | business process outsourcing (bpo) industry in india is progressing with an unparalleled velocity despite the. Factors for attrition identified through personal interview with a number of bpo employees in the ankita srivastava et al,intjcomptechappl,vol 2 (6), 3056-3065. Report on attrition rates of bpo and ites 1 projectsformbablospotcom if employees are to be products, their shelf-lives are getting shorterin the best of worlds, employees would love their jobs, like their coworkers,work hard for their employers, get paid well for their work, have amplechances for advancement, and flexible schedules so they could attend topersonal or family needs when. Attrition in bpo industry: a survey report abstract the bpo industry is undoubtedly considered as one of the biggest fields of employment in india and stands number two worldwide after philippines.

attrition in bpo A study of bpo industry with reference to employee attrition and retention introduction the study deals with attrition issue in bpo, the reasons of attrition and retention strategies for the same.

The attrition rate in the bpo sector is extremely high and climbs to around 48% in voice-based processes and 26-28% in non-voice-based bpo processes some call centres have shown 100% attrition. New delhi: for years, the bpo sector, the poster boy of india's it sector, has been fighting to keep its flock together but with attrition rates touching 30-60%, it has become a major roadblock. This article is about the strategies which can help bpo companies or call center organizations to check employee attrition means resignations or leaving company. In india, the average attrition rate in the bpo sector is approximately 30-35 percent divide the number of employees who left the company during the year by the average number of employees employed by the company during the year to arrive at an employee attrition rate.

At infosys bpo, attrition rate currently stands at 28% while in the case of tcs bpo, it has been hovering around the 18-20 % level tips to handle employee exit. Hello mustafa, thanks for the a2a aren't we all pestered by the problem of attrition in our bpos :) this is a chronic issue that impacts productivity and efficiency of a bpo depending on the scale of attrition. Abstract: employee attrition reveals a company's internal power and weaknesses new employee need to be constantly added, further costs in training them, getting them aligned to the company environment organizations also face difficulties in retaining the employees as well as attracting potential. Excellent article on attrition management that looks at how to control and reduce attrition looks at the key causes for attrition, particularly in a customer service, bpo or contact centre environment.

In the global business scenario, bpo is on top of the list today the new age workforce comprises mostly of knowledge workers, who are techno savvy, aware of market realities, materially focused and who have higher propensity to switch jobs the challenge of acquiring new talent and retaining the. Which also includes business process outsourcing (bpo) industry india is considered as a to analyzing the causes of attrition in it industries with the opinion. The business process outsourcing (bpo) industry in the country is facing the challenge of finding quality human resources given the current attrition rate of around 50 percent in india, the average attrition rate in the bpo sector is approximately 30-35 percent. This is an improvement from the 33 percent, 24 percent and 26 percent attrition rates in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively vangie daquilanea, global data services practice head of towers watson philippines, noted the bpo industry has adopted various strategies in talent acquisition, such as expanding operations outside the national capital.

In 2011, the bpo sector registered 33 percent attrition rate while this reached 24 percent the following year sourcing outside ncr many experts claimed that the philippine bpo industry are adopting strategies to keep their employees. Attrition management in bpo has a crucial role in call center profitability as retaining an employee is many times cost effective than hiring and training an employee. Everest group's analysis indicates a good attrition rate in an india-based english language contact center is 25-30 percent annually (see exhibit 2) firms with a lower or higher turnover rate incur net costs.

  • 4 measure employee attrition rate managing the workforce and working hours of your call center staff requires more than the often logic-puzzle-like scheduling maze your first priority is for.
  • The issue of saturation crops up routinely in bpo circles whether it concerns a particular city or is just a general discussion of the nature of saturation in the nearshore, the buy side, vendors and location are all worrying one city that keeps emerging in saturation conversations is san.

Infosys attrition rate: find latest stories, special reports, news & pictures on infosys attrition rate read expert opinions, top news, insights and trends on the economic times. I am doing a project in attrition in bpo'ssuggests some questions which can be asked is questtionaire method of collecting data is good for this project suggest any ideas you feel you have choosen a very intersting topic for bpo attrition you should look at attrion in tensure in the system. The growth of the bpo industry in india can be largely attributed to the abundance of requisite manpower however, this vital resource has also emerged as a cause of a major challenge for the. Check out for the latest news on bpo it attrition rate along with bpo it attrition rate live news at times of india.

attrition in bpo A study of bpo industry with reference to employee attrition and retention introduction the study deals with attrition issue in bpo, the reasons of attrition and retention strategies for the same.
Attrition in bpo
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